Your-warmup should make you move better

ets, you should aim to perform a minimum of two and a maximum of three for each exercise.


The bottom line 


Performing a warmup, even if it only lasts a maximum of ten-minutes will reduce our risk of injury, increase blood flow to our working muscles, and slowly increase our heart rate while loosening our joints.


To warm up, you should include some form of cardiovascular activity such as a 5-minute cycle, skipping, rowing, or even a quick run. Likewise, this should be followed up with dynamic stretching. Perform stretches such as high knees and lunges to increase our workout performance while reducing our risk of pulling a muscle.



Finally, if possible, your warmup should be exercise specific. This will increase the range of motion in the given muscles, directly relating to our exercise performance. Depending on the time you have available, will determine how in-depth you can go into your warmup.

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